Tuesday, April 29, 2008

How could I have forgotten...

...Fred Thomas?!! Thanks to Mobile's mixed CD I was reminded. And here he is:
Especially listen to "Come Back"

In other news: I saw Juno last night. I don't really have time to formulate a proper "review" or "opinion piece" about the movie but it did get me to thinking. On the one hand, I liked it. I thought it was funny, clever, entertaining, etc. Despite the fact that everyone kept bringing up about her 'being so mature' I was still not really able to get over her being 16...Obviously the music was fantastic. In the end, though, I was just annoyed. There's such a trend now of movies with these oh-so-quirky-yet-adorable-and-attractive-and-conveniently-ageless female characters who are so hip because they know certain bands or whatever. It started with Ghost World and I feel like has only gone downhill (because it's kind of hard to beat Ghost World...and because the characters in that movie/story are actually fully realized with more than just opinions and interesting clothes and Daniel Clowes is brilliant). I dunno. I prefer this trend to other more blatantly annoying female characters and I don't really know what I'd prefer...it's just these characters seem like such a sad attempt at making the "real" girl and they end up just being another ideal for people to try to live up to. Plus I don't think that Juno would actually think Sonic Youth is "just noise"...that's just silly. Also, something that seems to be a trend in these aesthetically indie flicks is the "mundane-ing" of real life situations. A lot of times this can be a really effective way to get across a general tone that I do believe is in American society. On the other hand...the girl was pregnant. And 16. And that's never really mundane or, rather, that shouldn't ever be mundane. I guess I saw too many high school classmates drop out or watch their lives change so irrevocably to be OK with being OK with the whole teen pregnancy thing. So I'm not sure I'm such a fan of that issue being dealt with in that casual-indie-movie way. On the other hand, as my roommate pointed out, it was nice to see a comedy about the issue instead of some KIDS-esque tragedy where everyone's always drunk and exchanging sTDs. And it's nice to think that there are exceptions to the teen pregnancy stereotype. Well...there that is.

My zine is finished. Now I just have to figure out how to make copies...I made it into a kind of awkward shape.

Stay tuned for my blog on comics...I feel it welling inside of me but I don't have the energy for it today.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

50% off meals

I feel a little like my stomach is floundering. Or something just beyond my stomach. In between the organ and the flesh. Some fluttering muscle that makes my whole body confused. Don't want to do much. Just draw and drink coffee despite the fact that I'm still a little on the sick side. Almost 11:00am.

Dear Dr. X,
I knew you like the ocean but, honestly, how many times must you cross it? The office, the street, the city, is lonely without your juggling amongst us. It's hard to get any work done without your little head peeking out above the files on Allison's desk hurling insults at me. Etc. etc. etc.

My horoscope today:
You have plenty of serious things to think about now, but this probably will not stop you from wanting to join in the fun. Even if you are tempted to play the role of the heavy, it really won't be to your benefit. Instead do whatever strategizing you must before letting go of your responsibilities to partake in the pleasures of the day.

hmm...bummer...I was kind of hoping to shirk off the rest of the day. But I guess the stars know what's what...right? The problem with being a capricorn is that all we do is work and all of our horoscopes are about working. Where's my drug binge? My sexual escapades? My stint as a traveling gypsy? Nope, not for me. It's all work work work. Money money money. Rise to the top of this. Lay low tonight you've got work tomorrow. Whatever stars- stick to your own solar systems. Although...rereading that, perhaps it's giving me the day off. As long as I get everything in order first. Do you think that means working instead of writing in my blog?

I'm working on a new zine. I'll put photos up as soon as it's done. This time around I'm doing things a little differently. I'm still taking old things that I've done but I'm taking more time with it- allowing myself to draw straight on the page instead of cutting and pasting old projects. I think I like it. A good combination of working with the old and the new.

What's in my ears (even if it's not actually playing)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

no matinee

I found it!

This song is on a mix tape that a friend of mine gave me like 5 years ago and now that the tape is starting to wear I feel the obligation to find it on some kind of digital medium and share it with the world.

Where it all started...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


good to listen

Words that are good:

1. Windowsill
2. Propinquity
3. Pants
4. Schlep
5. Callipygian

Words from others:

1. Marmalade
2. Biscuit
3. Acquiesce
4. Pickle
5. Swashbuckler
6. Stripes
7. Champ
8. Zenith
9. Cassette
10. Loafers
11. Garments
12. Coagulate
13. Tepid
14. Shrimp
15. Plutocracy
16. Bramble
17. Tumult
18. Parsnip
19. Napkin
20. Skelf

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

It's over.

So, during twelve balmy sun-soaked cocktails, I told the truth. NO! One truth untold lies and vanquishes rodents...really. All of the men swooned over all of the men. Gay! Also while I was quite serene, I tricked many of my former liaisons into covering these streets with rodents. Scrappy beasts, they were scampering about and people ran fast - terrified that one might introduce itself awkwardly and uninvited impose unnecessary amounts of napkins upon the filth-loving hermaphrodites.

Sunday, April 06, 2008


I had the craziest bout of illness yesterday. I think I slept for 24 hours over the course of something like 30. And even though i was feeling pretty awful, there's something kind of nice about literally not being able to do anything- having to rest. Being forced to watch a movie. There aren't too many times when you can guiltlessly do things like that. Plus, this morning, I feel about 85% better! And that's pretty cool. I wandered around Haight Street which is something I generally try to avoid but today seemed to be in the cards. I searched for bowler hats but none were the one I wanted. i went into the Anarchist bookstore and saw some interesting books (mostly by dead Russian and French men). I sneaked into Amoeba and bought FOUR CDS!!!! Wow. Very exciting. When i came back home I tried to finish a painting but I'm not entirely motivated by it. I ended up just covering up a whole bunch of stuff with blue-black. I don't really like acrylics that much I don't think. The only thing I really did was accidentally put my comforter in my painting palette...which is either OK or really sucks. I don't know which one yet. On a point of absolute positivity: I have a pirate pillow case! It was hiding amid the packaging that my sheets came in. It was a total surprise but it looks real nice. It has a pirate flag on one side and a treasure map on the other. Yes! I am sometimes torn with regards to this blog of mine. Sometimes I want to delete it. Sometimes I want to be as superficial as I can possibly be. Sometimes I want to write something pretty or somewhat poetic. Can't ever really decide. I think what comes out is a strange kind of schizophrenic diary. I think I'll leave now. Eat DanDan's cookies and maybe grab some lunch.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Should be working...as always

I got an entire sheet of white stickers in the shape of underpants. I'm ready to pants the entire world. I don't know how it took me so long, but I only just realized how to put a link in my blog. Woot!


Hopefully I'll be going to the Saint Stupid's Day Parade soon!