Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Tonight has been full of things that nobody could wuite explain. Words around our heads that swirl and mix and don't actually come out the way you had thought originally. THe skyline is shimering like you always knew it would- a lightscape of onely people shining their torches into the night to try and find a soulmate. Or something. Tonight has been the night of secrets and betrayals and tears and truths and how do you approach the way your soul fills up with something that looks so much like a brick wall. Something to stop the world when it looks too big to contain. We are all leaving. All the time. We chose who we love. we chose who we forget. and sometimes we have no choice in the matter at all and what we have is a voice in the back of our heads telling us that someone is missing. Something is missing. And all we will have is the memory of something beautiful and i wonder maybe, if we're lucky, it won't ever fade.