Monday, March 23, 2009


So i went to see Watchmen on Saturday. Woops! That was a waste of time. I wish I was really riled up and enraged about the whole thing but it was too boring to get too excited about. More than that. I'm tired of being underwhelmed by holywood's complete lack of imagination and simultaneously overwhelmed by how stupid the world assumes us to be.

In short - All the visuals of the comic were there- the organization, the set up, the flashbacks, etc and virtually none (or at least a very insignificant amount) of the CONTENT of the book was there. Which on the one hand is too bad, because it's a great story with some really interesting themes. On the other hand, who the fuck cares? All that happens these days is the repackaging of original work. Why on earth would anyone expect that the remaking of a decently thought-provoking, political, challenging work be anything but sexy fluff that elicits almost no reaction from its audience apart from some "oohs and aahhs" about a cool fight scene. I say "who the fuck cares" because at my root I'm not totally interested in supporting these recycling trends. COME UP WITH YOUR OWN F-ING STORY! GO OUT AND READ A BOOK BEFORE IT GETS TURNED INTO A MOVIE! And yes, I will keep dreaming, thank you.

It's not just that it didn't match up to the comic. Like I said, why would I have expected that in the first place? No. More than that it was a bad movie. Flashy but with no substance. Sexy and completely without emotion (wowee were those female roles poorly portrayed. Nay, veritably BORING AND SUCKY). Because there was nothing beneath the surface the format of the movie was just boring and tedious. Perhaps if they had paid more attention to the actual story, they would have noticed that, despite a few eruptions of fighting and Rorschach's violent tendencies, Watchmen isn't actually an action film. So acting, unfortunately for hollywood's comic reincarnations (the recent batman excluded...apart from that stupid batman voice), matters. A lot.

I guess that's all I have to say. Boring and stupidly flashy. Ignorant and without teeth. A good reason to stay home and read a book.

Many apologies Alan Moore, I will never doubt again.

Sunday, March 08, 2009


I just got soy sauce in my eye

Monday, March 02, 2009

Then I Fell

The last time I fell off of my bike was really anticlimactic. I was riding my bike home from work/school and was just turning from Liberty onto Murray Ave. I think it was fall time- I remember seeing red leaves. My tire passed over some imperceptible stone or crevice and I slid out VERY VERY slowly. I think I half-hopped and half-fell in the street, tearing up my handlebar tape but nothing else apart from that. My very nice neighbor ran to my side and asked if she could help but I was embarrassed and I think kind of rude to her about it. It was especially embarrassing because it happened just past the house of not-really-cute guys who were drinking beer on their porch and who, for some reason, I always wanted to impress despite the fact they were neither cute nor interesting. Anyway- the point being that the last time I fell off of my bike was in Ann Arbor, Fall 2006.

So I was kind of disappointed to fall yesterday...but am kind of proud at the same time. My first fall in San Francisco! This must mean I live here now. Not only did I fall, I fell in the rain because of those darned streetcar tracks! How SF is that? It was a source of pride that I had never gotten my tire caught in one before but now I can join the ranks of bicyclists who warn other bicyclists "Dude, you gotta watch those tracks man, they'll grab ya. The trick is, see, to hit 'em perpendicular, at a right angle, you know? Then you can't get yer tire trapped." I wish I could add some gnarly detail about how after my tire got trapped I flew 20 feet, skidded on my face and ended up with 3 major cuts that I sutured up myself (using my own hair), but I'm afraid this fall was just as uneventful as the last. A few scrapes here and there but utterly boring apart from that.