Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Getting Off

So, in my new position as an unofficial intern with my family's business, I have had the pleasure of encountering a ton of interesting store names. The title of this entry is probably the most interesting to me. A strange thing to call your clothing store, but they have a lot of fans online, so I guess that's cool. Other names include annoying puns that don't actually have a punchline like "B Younique." I mean, yes, I get that by changing the spelling, you've kept the phonetics of the word but added the word "you" in there...but there isn't actually anything clever about doing this...There are a million other examples, but I don't want to hurt any one's feelings.

So, in case you're thinking of starting a store, here are some do's and don't's I would like to share with you:

-Unless you're opening a pet store, stay away from puns. They probably aren't as funny as your friends say they are.

-Names that have names in them are generally OK. "Liza's Boutique," "Clementine's Bowl of Oranges." This kind of thing makes things personal and can be as boring or bizarre as you like, which is cool.

-Unless you're opening a pet store, do not rhyme and do not use alliteration. We are not opening a children's reading center, there is no need to be cute.

-I will say that anything with the word "Haberdashery" wins 110 points in my book. If the word does not apply to your business, perhaps there are other antiquated words that will.

-There is a difference between whimsical and horrible. Make sure this line is never crossed...and it is a fine tread lightly.

-Adding "Co" or "Inc" or "Boutique" sort of adds clout to anything that precedes. For example, "Soap" isn't a very good name but "Soap Co," "Soap Inc," "Soap Boutique" sound great - they're fine - descriptive and more or less sophisticated.

-Claiming greatness is tricky but if you can do it without guaranteeing a let down, that's cool. "Greatest Clothes On Earth" is an example of something that cannot live up to it's name. At the same time, "This Shop Is OK" isn't much better. If you can't think of anything good, juts add "Shop" to your last name (unless you have my last name...that wouldn't work at all).

Ok - that's all I have. Good luck.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dress Finished!

Thanks to Mulberry Silks and Fine Fabrics and they're AWESOME crew of teachers, sewers, students, etc - I have completed my first dress!

Here we are just before I realized that the hem was way too long and that the pattern made me look like a frump.

Zipper accomplished.

After cutting 6 inches off the hem, it turned out great!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Uh oh!

I am one step closer to becoming an adult. A mere month after turning 25 I have my learner's permit! Drivers licenseville here I come.

Monday, February 08, 2010

Everyone's got a project

I've been getting all kinds of updates from friends who have fancy new blogs.
This one's about feminism.
This one's about finding love and a social life in Boston.
This one's about adventures, misadventures and monetary needs in a South America voyage.
This one is poetical musings on a child dealing with adoption.
And this one is the journal of a new farm being built by new farmers.

Landdog isn't much of a project. It's more like rambling when I feel like rambling and then self-consciously staying as far away as possible to avoid looking like an asshole. And things aren't going to change. But for TODAY, this is the purpose of my entry (this and giving my friends' blogs some publicity). Today is the what-is-Liza-going-to-do-with-her-life entry. Though I hope not to get too in-depth.

I am living in North Carolina. Far away from my lovely boyfriend and feeling even farther from any kind of decision about where my life is headed though I know that I'm working it work. While I'm here I'm trying to do research, learn how to sew, and learn from my aunt and uncle's business : Yes, that's me in the orange top. But I must admit to feeling stagnant. Not at all the accomplished 25 year-old of my pre-teen dreams. On top of that I'm not sleeping well at all. I itch to find my purpose. Or at least my purpose for now.

Here are some things I'm thinking about:

Ecosystem Farm is a farm in Maryland associated with the Accokeek Foundation. I am currently in the middle of answering the 5 page application which includes questions like "Please describe your physical condition" and "Are you willing and capable to of performing physically strenuous work for long hours with few breaks for food and rest?" I'm not sure if I'm signing up for a bootcamp or a farm apprenticeship but I'm excited about the prospect of working on another farm. Not only that but they have a big focus on education and I'm anxious to absorb what they have to offer.

The Tai Sophia Institute is another program I'm looking at. This one does not exclude the farm because I will have to take some pre-rec courses if I want to do the Herbalism Masters program. I am still hesistant about this program because it means some serious planning on my part. Meaning, if I get my masters in Herbalism I can plan on a life of working with those skills. This isn't some six month internship that I can learn a lot from and go on my way. This is a degree with which I can enter a profession. Scary as that sounds I'm actually really excited about the prospect of this school and look forward to meeting with an advisor next week.

The University of Gastronomic Sciences is the Slow Foods University in Italy. They have a one-year Masters Program dedicated food culture and communications. I would love to do this program but it may conflict with the Tai Sophia Institute. So here I will have to make a decision (after applying to both and, of course, being accepted to both): do I want to spend my life in food or health? Can I bridge the two? How can I do one and still learn from the other? Etc.

Then there's the chance that I choose to stay in North Carolina. The sustainable Ag program at CCCC looks really interesting and I've met a really nice woman who's in it and likes it. This would be a great way to dip my toes in the waters of agricultural education, learn about business, and get some practical skills as well.

And last but not least I think it'd be awesome to work for Farmer's Daughter. Canning, baking and lacto-fermentation all at boutique prices and with a small business. Cool.

Ok - that's it from me. Let me know what you think!

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Sewing dresses in Carrboro, NC

I am currently living in Carrboro, NC. It's really quite a fine place. One of the things I'm doing to get myself out of the house is learning how to sew. Here's some photos of the dress I'm working on!

Friday, September 25, 2009

My last day

It is my last day of work for the San Francisco Mime Troupe. In one week I move out of my beloved house and three days later I leave this city.

How strange. I am so looking forward to the things that are coming next and yet I am heartbroken thinking about leaving.

It is a cold morning today (what happened to that heat wave?) and I feel a bit like those little fog fingers have gone all into my stomach making things feel empty and lonely.

I never have been very good at leaving places behind.

Monday, September 21, 2009